Fashion Stylist

On this day of hearts, it’s probably the right time to start a blog about the other things I love and feel passionate for and that is Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe Styling. Here are my thoughts about each one of them.

On Makeup:

Makeup is like a temporary solution to physical imperfection.  There is so much one can achieve through makeup, and knowing the right application techniques; can give anyone an instance facelift.  Good and natural looking makeup boosts self-esteem whether we admit it or not.  Nobody is born with perfect features and in this day and age of plastic surgeries, makeup offers fresh and affordable alternative without permanent regrets.

On Hair:

Some people maintain the same hairstyle from their childhood and yes, until they die!  It’s really sad when this happens.  Some change their hairstyle only three times in their life. i.e. childhood, teens and twenties… Their reason is that they don’t think other styles will fit them, they are too comfortable and change scares them.  They don’t know how to style or keep up a new hair-do.  etc etc…  What people don’t know is that the easiest way to enhance their looks is just to alter their hair style or add some color.  Again, it’s affordable and besides it’s not even permanent.  Hair grows back, colors fade, curls straighten up; so why not play and have some fun with it?

On Wardrobe:

My sense of style has evolved but it’s still changing every day.  I have no solid opinion on what fashion should be like,  there is no rule on what you should or shouldn’t wear as long as you can carry yourself and your outfit with stunning grace. Most important is to know your body type and don’t be afraid to mix & match and to try new styles and cuts that might turn out to be flattering on you.

Fashion Styling is the combination of Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe Styling.  Each one benefits and compliments the other.  Learning to mold the three of them to become one and to emerge a look that is uniquely you is no mean feat, but when that happens, you become your best model.

I hope this blog will inspire your artistic sense in Beauty & Fashion, and help you Make Yourself Recognized in every positive way.


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