Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cleaning Make-Up Brushes

Here is a simple and super quick way to clean Make-Up Brushes.

I know most girls love to put on make-up but are just too lazy to clean their make-up brushes.  If you can follow these steps and try to clean your brushes at least once a week, you will greatly benefit from a zit-free face and be able to apply nice and even make-up.

Step 1:  Fill a bowl with warm soapy water.  You can use mild hair shampoo or liquid body wash.  Add a bit of conditioner to make the brushes softer if you prefer.

Step 2:  Take one of your biggest brush, and swirl it around to mix it more.

Step 3:  Place all your brushes into the bowl.  Leave for at least 5  minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.

Note:  If you notice the soapy lather disappear after you soak the brushes then a.  maybe you need to add more shampoo (or) b. your brushes might be extremely DIRTY. If so, you need to rinse and repeat this process, before moving to Step 4.

Step 4:  After 5 minutes, swirl the brushes (without letting the brushes touch the base of the container) to loosen all the make-up particles on it.  Discard the dirty water and replace with new clean warm water.  Soak for a bit, swirl and rinse.

Step 5:  Now fill the bowl with cold water and swirl one more time.  You can see the water is now clear.

Step 6:  Add alcohol into the clean water. This will help disinfect the brushes.

NOTE: Remember that alcohol can be drying on the brushes.  So don’t add too much.  Some alcohol comes with a fragrance. I prefer the regular ones.

Step 7:  Take each brush and remove excess water by pressing the brush lightly on the side of the bowl.


Step 8:  Lastly, with a towel underneath;  place your brushes on a flat surface, with the brushes on the edge and air dry.  If you do this at night, your brushes will be ready for use early the next day!

NOTE:  Please clean your foundation brush separately since foundation texture/pigment is thicker and different.

5 Responses to “Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cleaning Make-Up Brushes”
  1. Anonymous says:

    how often should u clean brushes?

    • MYR says:

      hi. for personal and if you use your brushes daily, then once a week, or once every two weeks at least. for professional make-up artist, clean brushes after every event and/or photo shoot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is a very helpful tip 🙂 thanks!!!!’

  3. voodoogirl says:

    nice to learn different ways of cleaning brushes. will definitely try this! thanks 🙂

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