Skin Allergy & Skin Asthma : BE GONE! The most effective, practical & cheapest way to cure skin allergies.

One of the things I will be forever grateful for is the years I spent living alone in Taiwan. When you are by yourself, you become very aware emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually.  As a child, I was sickly.  And being hospitalized at 4 years old with pneumonia didn’t help boost my mom’s confidence that I will be able to achieve a lot of great physical things when I get older.  Well, I got older and faced many more ‘sickness’ even though some are minor, they didn’t stop family members branding me as the ‘weakling’ even though these days, most of them often get more disease and infections than myself.

As a teenager, I started to develop a kind of skin allergy/asthma that I am 100% sure I got from my dad.  It can be the weather, or what I ate that will trigger the itchiness and the moment I start to scratch, my skin will get puffy and I will get red patches all over.  I believe everyone has their own share of skin allergy and we try our best to cure it asap…with oral or tropical medications.

So how do I cure my skin allergy?  I am not fond of taking oral medication, so I always look for a less constructed approached on treating myself.  Few years back, I got severe allergy attack.  I didn’t want to take any medication.  And as if a light bulb went on in my head, I thought, why don’t I treat myself with TEA?  Herbal Teas are known for their anti-oxidant properties and our family have been trained since childhood to drink tea everyday.  Heck, I drink more tea than I do water!  Anyway, I drink my tea rigorously, so I know that drinking it is not helping my ‘outer’ skin problems, drinking tea helps my immune & digestive systems.  So in this case, I will not drink tea, I will APPLY TEA ON MY SKIN!  Here’s what I did that cured my Skin Allergy, it’s not permanent but every time I get a rash, this is my savior.  And it can be yours as well!

Please read before proceeding:

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for information purposes only, and may not apply to your situation. The author provide no warranty about the effectivity of the content enclosed. Information provided is subjective. Keep this in mind when trying out this remedy.  Consult your Physician if your Skin Allergy is severe and if you are taking other medications.

What you need:


1. Get any tea you have in your cupboard, be it in the form of  Tea Bag or Fresh Leaf  Tea. Green Tea, Black Tea…ANY TEA is ok.  (But I prefer Chinese GREEN or Oolong Tea)

2. Soak the tea in HOT WATER.  Leave for 10 mins.

3. Prepare basin, pour the still hot but almost warm tea water into the basin & soak the towel.

4. If the tea water becomes tolerable but make sure still very warm, squeeze the towel to remove the excess tea water.

5. PRESS the damp & warm towel to the affected areas.  Repeat at least 4 times.

Note: When you PRESS the towel on your Skin Allergy, you might feel the following:

* Super ITCHINESS =  this is a good sign that the pore of the skin is opening up and absorbing the tea remedy.

*Or your skin might feel a sense of relief immediately.

6. Repeat the process once a day after your daily shower.  You should do this when you skin is clean.


Lastly, if you have Skin Allergy all over your body, here’s what you can do:

This is what I did when I had another attack last December and I was traveling and stayed in a hotel with a bathtub, I took all the FREE Tea bags inside our room, opened it up, filled 1/4 of the bathtub with hot water, soak the tea bags in the bathtub. Waited 15 minuets, filled the bathtub with warm water until full.  Not removing the tea bags, when the water was warm enough, I DIPPED MY WHOLE BODY INTO THE BATHTUB! I soak my body for about 15 mins. We stayed in this hotel for two nights, I did it each night, my allergy stopped totally and I conitnued to enjoy my vacation! 🙂

If you do not have a bathtub at home, you can prepare a small plastic tub,  take your shower and rinse off using the tea water.

P.S. Few months ago, my sister who was 5 months pregnant started to get severe skin rash. She showed me her skin rash and it was all over her body, especially the leg area. There were BIG patches, very red, flakiness and it was itchy. Since she was diabetic, she is also scared to take oral medication. Her doctor  prescribed a tropical creme that she was applying on her skin but it’s not working.  So I advise her if she wants to try the tea water remedy.  She used LIPTON Tea bags after her shower.  And press on the areas with allergies.  She said, it was so itchy at first but since she was pressing the towel, it was tolerable and she didn’t have the need to scratch it.  After repeating few times, she then applied the tropical creme.  She feels the result immediately and in just 3 days, there was great improvement in her skin condition.  In a weeks time, she was almost healed.  I wished now I took a before and after picture to show on this blog. Anyway, I am just happy I was able to help her and the remedy didn’t affect her pregnancy & diabetic problem.

Lastly, and this is just for fun but worth mentioning nevertheless.  I got a rash on my face some months ago, I used Black Tea and I got a nice tan after few days!  So I guess we can also use Black tea to get a nice, safe, odorless and temporary TAN on our skin 🙂

HOORAY for the MIRACLE of TEA! 🙂


June 15, 2011

Postscript:   Two days ago, I asked my pregnant sis about the tea water, since initially she used Lipton Tea bags and after a week, changed to Green Tea. According to her the Lipton/Black Tea seemed to work better.  I have tried both green and black tea and they work fine with me.  Since her allergies are quite severe than mine, this makes sense.  So I guess the more serious your allergies are, the stronger the tea should be.

35 Responses to “Skin Allergy & Skin Asthma : BE GONE! The most effective, practical & cheapest way to cure skin allergies.”
  1. Hi Goodpm, i have this SKIN ALLERGIES or SKIN ASTHMA when i am 16 years of age and until now i got this skin problem…im always ashamed when its attack because it shows this in my face, arms,legs and whole body..i take oral medication but its always back depends on whether and irritating things..thanks for this blogs, i believe that it can also me at my condition..i hope it will works.

  2. wu tea says:

    Very quickly this site will be famous amid all blog people,
    due to it’s good articles

  3. Patty says:

    I hope this works for me. I had a severe skin asthma attack a couple of weeks ago and still suffering up to now.. Usually it shows on the same spotd where it appeared the last time but now, I got a new patch on my nape. I like to wear my hair up so its really embarrassing that I have this huge reddish brown patch (I know, I unknowingly scratch it in my sleep). This new one is now scaly and leathery.. sometimes oozing after I get out from the bath. Is tea water safe for my present skin condition now? I am really ashamed to go to work with my face, forearm and nape looking like this.

    • MYR says:

      Tea water should be safe as it is natural/herbal. Please try the approach of what my sister did, try using black tea and apply it as warm/hot (not scalding) compress on affected areas. Since your allergies is concentrated on your face, forearm and nape. Directly applying compress will speed up recovery. Please note that it will be super itchy when you apply the compress but your skin should feel very relieved afterwards. If your doctor prescribe ointment for your allergies, apply the ointment after your finished with the hot compress.
      It is good to have hot black tea water in a basin and soak it with a clean towel, then slowly squeeze off excess (be careful as water is hot and you do not want to burn your hands!) then fold the towel and gently press (not rub) on affected areas. When the towel gets cold, soak again in the same and still hot black tea basin, rinse and repeat on affected areas 3 to 5 times, depending on how worst your allergy is. Hope this helps you. 🙂

  4. bheam says:

    i just wanna ask if this can may apply to a 1 yr old baby??

    • MYR says:

      Hi. Although this is natural/herbal treatment and shouldn’t have any side-effects. For babies, I think you should still consult your doctor. Or you can try in small areas and can compare if your baby’s allergy gets better.

  5. Gilbert Flores Gaza says:

    thank you very much for this wonderful idea i’v been using mometasone furoate for quite along years with my skin allergies &skin asthma but still keep on coming back… i’m really happy that i’ve red this idea of yours i will try it… GOD bless sir

  6. Anonymous says:

    it’s ok of bby??

    • MYR says:

      Hi. Although this is natural/herbal treatment and shouldn’t have any side-effects. For babies, I think you should still consult your doctor. Or you can try in small areas and can compare if your baby’s allergy gets better.

  7. Thank yoouuuu! i’m gonna try it hehe i hope it really works 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on The Utopian and commented:
    Tea for Skin allergies 🙂

  9. Naykee says:

    Wow thanks I’ll try this now😊

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this ideas.I’ll try it to my son whos having skin allergies too.

  11. Jas Sen says:

    i am suffering a sudden skin allergy just now . it’s my first time actually and i absolutely have no idea what caused this , thankfully, my boyfriend advised that i should try natural remedies . and guess what i love drinking tea too ! 🙂 i have lipton green and yellow tea, and oolong as well . so i’ve decided im gonna try oolong 🙂 i hope it works for me . because im gonna have a class report tomorrow , dont wanna face my classmates looking like this !!!!

  12. lee says:

    thank you for this… am going to try it to my son that have skin asthma…

  13. Anonymous says:

    i am convinced that i have skin allergies too because of the symptoms i learned from here..i`d love to try this tea thing to relieve me from this super mega itchiness i feel. tnx so much for sharing this blessing…:-)

  14. Rheca says:

    Hi every summer my skin asthma have bin atact i got skin allergy ang terable cough.what we gone n do every summer to stop this kind of problem. I take my medicine but i’m still sick.

  15. #i am, 21 and i have skin allergies all over my body, specialy in my ass,back, when my skin getting itching, yes i scratch, and my skin get puffy,
    at the nigth i can’t sleep, well.
    And i d0nt kn0w if what i going to d0, with this allergies,
    then i found this blog, thanks to this blog, n0w i have an idea to prevent my itching.

  16. Ma. Luisa L. Belardo says:

    Thank you so much. My daughter will be happy now thanks again.

  17. Yes with the right products and treatment there is a way now to deal with allergies

  18. joana marie christian c. bulaong says:

    ill try the soaking in a tub 🙂 super thanks in this blog

  19. voodoogirl says:

    i have skin asthma and lately, been getting really bad allergy attacks. i like the idea of soaking in a tub with tea. will try it.

    thanks for posting 🙂

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  2. […] tea on myself (because I was once gifted by Lipton a lot of tea) by the suggestion of MYR on her post, and it works! You should seriously try the Lipton thing because teas (especially Oolong tea), I […]

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