‘Fun’ with NXY Professional Make-Up Artist Kit

It’s been a while that I’ve introduced the NYX Professional Make-Up Artist Kit to my price conscious students. Let’s be realistic that not all people can afford the more expensive Professional Make-Up that majority of MUA’s use. Students who come to class to learn how to apply their own make-up would appreciate a nice startup kit that they can play around with but not be overwhelmed by the colors to discourage their inner creativity.  If there’s one thing I look for in things, it’s QUALITY and NOT BRAND.  So it was a great opportunity when late last year, I got invited to be one of the MUA’s to a Fashion Runaway Show sponsored by NYX at Greenbelt 5.   After trying out the products, I was more than impressed.   Quality wise, it passed my standards (which is never easy!) and as for the price, it was a steal.  Few days later, I was holding the first NYX product I now own.  It’s the NYX Professional Make-Up Artist Kit.

To this day, it never disappoints and I have created tons of looks for my everyday makeup.  This make-up set is a perfect startup kit for any girl who wants an affordable and complete set of makeup without compromising quality.  NYX makeup is very PIGMENTED!  That’s why it’s also ideal for junior MUA’s who are only starting out in the business and cannot afford the more expensive brands in the market.  I believe it’s an excellent kit that you can count on and will surely go back time and again.  NYX Makeup is available at Pure Beauty 2nd Floor Serendra.

Here are some ‘FUN’ looks I’ve created  with my NYX Kit:

I’ve circled (in RED) the colors I used. 


For Eyes & liner:

Yellow/Gold & Black


Silver (under the brown bone)

Nose Contour:

light/dark brown bronzer

NOTICE:  The labels above are found at the back of the NYX package. But they are just that, LABELS. They are not meant to be followed. They are just guides.  There is no limit to what and where you should use the colors.  Just remember to blend, blend, blend!


For Eyes & liner:

Maroon & Black


Silver (under the brown bone)

Nose Contour:

light/dark brown bronzer

Then last week, Rica; who was one of my students brought her NYX kit and visited me after class.  She loved my look that day, so we recreated the look on her.

I was wearing my makeup since 8am, and Rica arrived around 6pm.  Even though 10 hours have passed, my makeup was still fresh and the colors where still vibrant.  I NEVER RETOUCH MY MAKEUP.  It stays on my face the moment I put it on and remains there until I decide to remove it.

Her face was already prep and we just needed to add the colors:

I did Rica’s left eye to show her how it’s done and Rica did her right eye, eyebrow, nose contour, blush & lips; since she already learned makeup application from our class the week before.

For Eyebrows:

I use the lighter brown from base to arch, and the darker brown from arch to the end.

*Rica’s eyebrow needed to be drawn since it’s quite thin.  We used MUD’s Taupe eye pencil and then blended and filled them in with the light/dark brown from the NYX palette.

For Eyeshadow:

I used 3 colors of purple from light to dark to create dimension.

For Highlight:

Silver (just under the brow bone)

For Blush:

I used the brown color since I have created a bright smokey eye and didn’t want to emphasize the cheeks too much.

For Nose Contour:  

I use the darker brown (on the half-moon palette)

For Lips:

I was wearing lip color by KATE (A Japanese brand by Kanebo, another over the counter makeup brand that I recommend to my students.  Now available at all Watson’s store)

*On Rica, she used the NXY  pink lip color on her kit.

This is a great example if you are following a PEG and all the models/artists need to look the same on a Photo Shoot / Runaway Show etc….


The following are links to some of my previous students who blog about their NYX Kit when they got them. ENJOY!

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