Super Organizing Your Professional & Personal Make-Up Kit

To be efficient, one should be organized.  Even and especially for Make-Up Artists.  The moment I saw these Magnetic Palettes, I know they will be a big help not only in structuring my make-up but also lifting the heavy load off my kit.

Let’s start with Personal Makeup.  I travel a lot.  And it’s not easy to bring all the makeup you want since they really add weight to your luggage; plus some hotel bath rooms are tiny and don’t have enough space to lay down your cosmetics.  Here is the typical makeup that one would have at home or for travel.

To minimize and put this all into one palette, I had to de-pot all my makeup.   Most makeup will have a tiny hole at the back and you can easily push that hole using a sharp tool and the makeup will pop out. I use my trusty Swiss Army Knife. There is usually a soft sticky glue holding the pot to the case.

If they do not have a hole at the back, you can easily just raise the end of the pot.  As all makeup case are different, make sure you de-pot gently so you do not crack your makeup.

Most Make-Up Designory cosmetics (MUD) and other major makeup brands will have a pot that will automatically stick to the magnetic palette.  If the pot is made from plastic, then you can just use double-sided tape and it will work just fine.

The really nice thing about the magnet is that you can easily remove, clean and re-arrange your makeup as you want.

When you use the double-sided tape to secure the pot to the magnet, you can easily remove and re-adjust them as well.

The truly great thing about the Magnetic Palette is that it has no holes to hold the pot like the usual ones, so you can put any size, shape, kind of makeup in one palette and have your own customized makeup kit saving you a lot of space, weight and time.

Here is my own Personal Customized Magnetic Palette that I will bring with me on my travels from now on. 

Here are the empty cases that I will throw away! And below is my customized palette again 🙂  I am so happy!!!

And here is a quick view of my Professional Palettes.  Another thing I love is the CLEAR WINDOW as I can easily see what I need and want, without opening each case one by one…

And of course they are easily stackable and lays flat.  Saving so much space in my Makeup Kit!

Lastly, they also come in a smaller size that is perfect for the minimalist makeup girl.

Here is the size for both Magnetic Palettes:

Small: L97*W98*H12.5mm

Large: L121.5*W98*H12.5mm

The good news is that I am selling a limited supply of the Small & Large Magnetic Palette as above. All brand new, high quality and professional looking (all in BLACK).  For pricing & delivery details, please email all your inquires at

Thank you and Happy Organizing!!!

Disclaimer:  The Magnetic Palette does not protect your Make-Up from being broken or cracked due to mishandling of your makeup bag or luggage.  It is advised that you secure your palettes properly and with care at all times.

3 Responses to “Super Organizing Your Professional & Personal Make-Up Kit”
  1. Felix says:

    Hi Ms. Myr,

    I just would like to inquire if these magnetic palettes are still available. I find them very useful. I’ve actually sent an email inquiry already… Thank you! 🙂

  2. nurain says:

    Hi Myr, This is Nur, the one who took your class last week and I am from malaysia. I was browsing your website and I saw that you recommended Nyx profesional make up artist kit and you said it is available at Mud place in Serendra. Unfortunately, when I called them, they said they don’t carry it. Do you know where I can get it and what type of eye and lip make-up removal would you suggest? Thank you very much.

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