VaVaVoom SEXY Falsies!!!

As I always tell my students that False Eyelashes are a girl’s best friend!  Finally, Professional, Excellent Quality, and as real-as-they-can-get falsies are available here in the Philippines!

Just email me for prices, delivery & availability.  So here they are!

Notice I only have one type of eye makeup on.

Look at how different type of Falsies can change your look 🙂

First picture without falsies.  (Apologies for blurry pic since I have a shaky hand)

This pic I am wearing Series 1 (101) Falsies.

They are short and crisscrossed and thus looks exceptionally real!

Suitable for those first timers and just want to look natural & enhance their eyes.

Here is a pic from the side.  Amazing isn’t it?

Next pic is Series 7 (728) They curl at the ends and looks so whimsical.

You just have to wear it to believe it!

And here is a side view pic. Awesome right?

Of course, you can get the 2 in 1 Easy Applicator, and when I say EASY I do mean it!

Especially for those who swear they cannot learn to put on Falsies, this will make you a pro and should only take a few seconds of your time!

Comes in Candy Pink, Royal Blue & Daffodil Yellow.  Choose your own color!

How to:

1. Always measure the falsies to your eyes first.

2. Trim falsies as necessary to make sure they fit your eye.

 (Since everyone has different eye shapes & sizes)

~Falsies too long will irritate your eyes (especially the inner corner of your eye).

Make sure you also trim both ends of the falsies as there is an extra 2mm that holds them to the box.

3. With the Easy Applicator, grip the Falsies on the middle end (tip, not the base) and attach to the middle of your eyes as close to your upper eyelashes as possible.

4. Once the middle part is secure, push the ends one at a time.

5. When done correctly, you shouldn’t even feel the falsies on your eyes!

6. Check the sides and if your real and false eyelashes are not together, then use the second purpose of the easy applicator and CLAMP your real and falsies together gently.  The mascara from your real lashes, will make the real and false stick together.

*Remember that you should lightly curl your real eye lashes and apply mascara first before putting on falsies!

And of course, the hypoallergenic, quick drying ADHESIVE with easy applicator.

No more messy, over squeezed glue!

Two sizes are available:

10ml  ~ for the Professional Make-Up Artists & serious falsies user!

4 ml ~ for Personal use.  Small enough to carry everywhere especially for travel!

Both comes in a cute pink pouch!

Finally, on how to remove falsies.  Technically, you just hold the end of the falsies and PEEL it off.  But for those who are sensitive to pain…dip a cotton bud in makeup remover (any brand, any kind) and run it along the top of your lash line just above the falsies.  This will loosen up the glue and make it weak.  Wait for a few seconds and peel off the falsies. VIOLA!


No matter what style you choose, they are all truly outstanding!

They are disposable falsies and for Make-Up Artist who use it on their client/models, they are meant to be used only one time for hygiene purposes.

For personal use, since these falsies are of high quality and doesn’t easily change shape, they can be re-used at least up to 3 time or more (for your own eyes only!) ~ depending on how you care for them!

Mix and Match your style.

Get a friend to buy and share styles.

Each Box comes in 10 gorgeous pairs!

Series ONE:

#101 ~ Short, Sweet & Natural

#135 ~ if you are ready for an upgrade from 101

#110 ~ Flares to the sides. To perk up those peepers!

I use this in class often. Student’s Favorite!

Fits all eye shapes!

#105 ~ DATE NIGHT!

#111 ~ Sexy & Dramatic.

Need I say more?!


#711 ~ Short & Natural Fairy Eyes!

#712 ~ a bit longer, an upgrade from 711

#715 ~ It’s Just Perfect, really!

#728 ~ Sky’s the Limit!


4 Responses to “VaVaVoom SEXY Falsies!!!”
  1. Dianne says:

    Putting falsies on clients still make me nervous because of the pressure to get it right the first time around. Maybe getting the 2-in-1 applicator would make it easier and faster 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a newbie makeup artist, I still get a little nervous putting falsies on my clients. The pressure of getting it right the first time makes me hold my breath a little. heehee! maybe getting the 2 in 1 applicator would help me do it better and faster 🙂

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